Photographer Elina

Photographer, Visual moment collector,, Malmö, Sweden

Hi and welcome to my moment collection notebook!

Who am I?: 'hopefull' romantic wanderer's soul with creative visual thinking and melancholic heart. I live and see life through emotions, I feel with colours and life to me means - celebrate it!

How I feel life?: I run barefoot through the forests with a flower crown on my head, wearing a smile and floating dress following the summer breeze, I am running to catch the summer golden hour, the naive innocent moment of nature, the late afternoon sunlight - an hour when time stops.

You can see all this above in my photography. I prefer natural light, elope and small weddings and events, portraits of people in a forest meadow, and exploring everyday life. I like to get to know you and find personal approach to collect a moment of your celebration and love to life.

I live in the yellow field land Skåne currently, sometimes I 'nomad' around.

Looking forward to get to know you!


Ba (hons) Photography at Falmouth University
Falmouth, UK
Ma Visual Culture at Lund University
Lund, Sweden


  • photography
  • communication
  • art director
  • culture management
  • history of arts
  • graphic design
  • media


  • photography
  • history of art
  • graphic design
  • italian calligraphy
  • packaging design
  • illustrator
  • indesign
  • photoshop
  • fine art
  • classic painting
  • classic drawing
  • ceramic design
  • b/w darkroom
  • studio lightning
  • event organisation
  • cheap travelling